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Snape Maltings Otto Midi Sofa
Otto Midi Sofa
Sale price£1,775
Snape Maltings Dunwich Dining Table
Dunwich Dining Table
Sale price£1,275
Snape Maltings Otto Chair
Otto Chair
Sale price£1,300
Snape Maltings Aspall Chair
Aspall Chair
Sale price£135
Wilby 2 Door Sideboard
Wilby 2 Door Sideboard
Sale price£600
Large Hoxne Pouffe
Large Hoxne Pouffe
Sale price£375
Platform Coffee Table
Platform Coffee Table
Sale price£400
Snape Maltings The Curlew Sofa
The Curlew Sofa
Sale price£1,175
Snape Maltings Set of 2 Black Side Tables
Set of 2 Black Side Tables
Sale price£340
Snape Maltings Swift Daybed
Swift Daybed
Sale price£1,250
Snape Maltings Woven Rattan Stool
Woven Rattan Stool
Sale price£97.50
Snape Maltings 3 Door Parquet Sideboard
Wilby 3 Door Sideboard
Sale price£850
Snape Maltings Curlew Stool
Curlew Stool
Sale price£375
The Warbler Desk With Marble Inlay
Snape Maltings Wrentham Chair
Wrentham Chair
Sale price£165
Snape Maltings Corton Dining Table
Corton Dining Table
Sale price£925
Snape Maltings Southwold Chair in Grey Linen
Snape Maltings Metal Clothes Rail
Metal Clothes Rail
Sale price£240
Snape Maltings George Loveseat
George Loveseat
Sale price£1,275
Distressed Trolley
Distressed Trolley
Sale price£180
Snape Maltings Bramfield Chair
Bramfield Chair
Sale price£425

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