Acton Dining Table 220cm


The Acton dining table is made in Indonesia, from reclaimed derelict fishing boats. Therefore, it is made from a mixture of timbers including teak, iron wood and South American walnut. Each piece of carefully selected board has had a previous 50-year life as part of a Sulawesi Pinisi fishing boat. Not only an environmentally beneficial way of reusing materials, but this hardwood was chosen by these fishermen for its extreme harness and resistance, meaning this handcrafted table has been truly built to last.

All woods are sustainably sourced and due to the reclaimed nature of this piece, each table, which features a wax finish, will differ slightly rendering it completely unique which we feel makes it even more charming. The beauty of this natural and reclaimed product means your piece may display the following characteristics: nail marks, dents, scratches, bore holes, infills and wood filler. Cracks and splits may occur in recycled timber as the wood ages within the home which is perfectly normal with this type of material.

  • Made from reclaimed wood salvaged from derelict fishing boats
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Dimensions: L 220cm x W 100cm x H 78cm

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